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DUSK PHOTOGRAPHY 21 & 22 JANUARY 2017 $ 270.00


IN this interactive DUSK photography class you will be learning to understand how to capture low light images that will give you an artistic and unqiue character. As this is not a Beginnesr class the basics of camera functions will not be explained as it is expected that you will know where they are.

You will have to have some equipment to enter this class, and the gear is:

Tripod, cable release and torch are a must.

Working as much as possible in the field you will be experimenting with different situations from natural, ambient and added light. A basic understanding of shutterspeed, aperature and camera functions is essential. You need to know where they are and how to change them quickly.  If you want to do this class but don't have that knowledge ( or understanding of), then book a 1 or 2 hr private session to get you working with your camera. That way you will not miss out. 

We will be shooting landscapes, both natural and urban, plus adding light for creative techniques.

2X 3 HR SESSIONS 6 -9 pm Both evenings

$270.00 PER PERSON, 


Venue will be given on booking. 

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